Our Expertise

Intellectual Property (IP) should be considered as an integral part of your business strategy. Different IP rights can have a fundamental bearing on the technology you develop, the aesthetic product designs you create, the company names, brand names, logos and artwork you use, as well as other business activities.

When developing your business/IP strategy, even if you have never filed a patent, trade mark or design application, it is important to note that some IP rights exist without you having to apply for them. These are often termed ‘unregistered rights’ and in some cases can have a significant influence on your market position and your ability to negotiate with other companies.

Before you commence business activities, it is advisable to investigate whether or not those activities would conflict with existing IP rights of others. This investigation is typically aided by conducting ‘freedom to operate’ searches. Beck Greener can perform these searches for you or arrange for them to be undertaken.

At Beck Greener, our attorneys have considerable experience in performing IP audits that help identify existing IP rights, areas of IP weakness and strength, and areas that have potential to be protected. From this we can help you devise an IP strategy that fits with your business goals.

We are also able to put you in touch with a valuator should you require IP valuation services.