Our Expertise

All of our patent and trade mark attorneys are qualified to advise on design and copyright matters, with many appearing also on the register of European Design Attorneys (no equivalent British register exists).  A significant number of our attorneys have developed expertise in these areas, and are able to advise in detail on all aspects of registered and unregistered designs, as well as copyright subsistence, ownership and enforcement.

As well as advising on how designs may be protected and enforced in the United Kingdom, we have extensive experience prosecuting designs at an EU-wide level, filing International Design Applications under the Hague Agreement, and liaising with foreign associates to seek design protection around the world.  We have also acted in contentious proceedings relating to design and copyright matters both in the United Kingdom and elsewhere.

Further, our team of IP Litigators are able to advise on, and bring, design and copyright related disputes before the English courts, enabling us to provide a more complete, rounded service to clients, from the creation of the work through to enforcement.

Alongside filing, prosecuting, defending and enforcing designs and copyright, the firm also provides services relating to the commercial management of such rights, including advising on and preparing licences, sublicences, assignments and other transactions.