• We can advise you in all matters relating to patent prosecution, maintenance and enforcement.
    We can advise and act for you at all stages of the patent process in the UK, Europe and worldwide, to ensure that you have the robust protection you need to protect your invention and enforce your rights in it.
  • We can assist you in all matters relating to registered and unregistered trade marks in the UK, EU and beyond.
    Your brand is one of your business’s most valuable assets, and we can assist you register, maintain, transfer, licence and enforce it to ensure that your business is protected. From large multi-nationals through to SMEs and sole traders, Beck Greener has the experience and expertise to look after your brand in the UK and Europe as well as overseas.
  • We advise on all aspects of registered and unregistered design law, and on copyright matters.
    Beck Greener can help you and your business protect and enforce designs at a UK and EU-wide level, as well as advise on you on all aspects of copyright law.
  • We provide a comprehensive range of corporate IP services for businesses and investors to better understand and utilise their IP rights.
    Intellectual property is of paramount importance to any business. We do much more than simply protect patents and trade marks. We can analyse and advise on your IP portfolio, and provide a full IP audit to locate strengths and weaknesses in your business’s current IP protection and strategy. We can also assist with IP landscaping and searching, IP acquisition/licensing and IP training for you and your business.