Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Strategy

Our strategy is to make a significant positive contribution wherever possible, not only within the community of our office and the IP profession generally, but also in the wider community, both at a local level and globally.  We recognise our responsibility in every aspect of our operations: from the way we conduct our business, to our impact in the local community and on the environment.

We focused first on our environmental performance and, with the assistance of Camden Council, introduced initiatives designed to reduce our carbon footprint.  As a result of our continued efforts in this area, we have been awarded the “Team Green” and “Cutting Carbon” marks of achievement, three years in a row: 2015, 2016 and 2017.

We have introduced a range of initiatives to deliver more sustainable services, click here to read about these initiatives and our successes.

Our current focus is on implementing our STEM: Branching Out project, a community project intended to raise the profile and promote careers in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) in general, and in the IP profession in particular.  We are working with Heart of the City and STEM Learning UK in delivering this project.  We are proud to announce that Beck Greener is now an active contributor working with Heart of the City on CSR by acting as IP and business mentors to their membership.

We communicate news regarding our CSR activities internally using the news feed on the intranet and with quarterly email updates.  There is also an annual presentation to the staff.  All information concerning our CSR activities is available through the intranet.  External communication generally involves publishing news releases on the website and posting updates to social media. 

To hear more about how CSR has changed our business, click on the video link below.


Our CSR function is led by our partner, James Stones, and involves people from across the firm.  There are 3 key areas:  The Workplace, The Community and The Environment

In a recent podcast partners James Stones and Catherine Jewell discuss the topic of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – what it is, Beck Greener’s CSR strategy, what made it award winning and offer some useful advice to organisations contemplating their own CSR projects.