International Designs

Duncan Morgan | June 2018

On Wednesday 13 June 2018, the Geneva Act 1999 of the Hague Agreement on International Design Protection has come into force as part of domestic UK law.

The Hague System provides a cost-effective, efficient means of protecting the appearance of the whole or part of products (including their packaging) as design registrations. A single application allows applicants to register up to 100 such designs in up to 68 jurisdictions at the same time.

UK-based applicants have in the past been able to file applications using the Hague System solely on the basis that the UK is a member of the EU, and Beck Greener has been assisting clients obtain rights under the system for many years.  With the post-Brexit position yet to be finalised, we are pleased that the UK government has taken the sensible precaution of signing up in their own right, so that UK applicants can continue to use the system regardless of Brexit, and ensuring that they can use the system to seek protection both at the UK national level, and at a pan-EU level.

If you have any questions about protecting the design of your products or packaging, please feel free to get in contact with us.