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Beck Greener Looking Closer: The Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility for Businesses and How to Succeed in This Growing Area

In Beck Greener’s second podcast, Looking Closer, Partners James Stones and Catherine Jewell discuss the topic of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – what it is, Beck Greener’s CSR strategy, what made it award winning and offer some useful advice to organisations contemplating their own CSR projects.  Doing business responsibly and creating a positive impact in the community/local environment can really benefit businesses and this area of CSR is only becoming more important for both employers and employees.

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Beck Greener Looking Closer:  Employee-Inventor Wins £2 million Compensation!

In Beck Greener’s first podcast, Looking Closer, Partners Avi Freeman and Jonathan Markham discuss the subject of employee-inventor compensation. This is in light of the recent UK Supreme Court decision, Unilever v Shanks [2019] UKSC 45.  In the decision, only the second successful UK case of its type, Professor Shanks was awarded £2 million in compensation from his former employer, Unilever. The discussion covers how courts are to decide if an invention provides outstanding benefit to the inventor’s employer and how to determine the inventor’s right to compensation if it does.

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Transfer Pricing and Intellectual Property Ownership and Licensing Webinar

Beck Greener partner Catherine Jewell, Mark Bloomberg of Zuber Lawler and Roy Saunders of the IBSA discussed intellectual property ownership and licensing in a recent IBSA webinar. 

The presenters reviewed the need for an IP audit, especially for smaller entrepreneurial firms, the types of IP that they may not realise have value in competition with others and how to maximise potential income from these IP rights.  The tax benefits relevant for Research and Development expenditures in the UK and the US, patent box regimes and transfer pricing issues that may become relevant were also discussed.

Some organisations have reportedly used the lockdown period caused by Covid-19 to tidy up their IP portfolio and work on their approach to IP as well as their longer-term strategy.

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For more information on IP audits please contact Catherine Jewell.


Beck Greener Trade Mark Webinar – Use Requirements in the EU - 12 July 2017

In this webinar, our trade mark team provided an analysis of which marks parties should rely upon in opposition and cancellation proceedings in the EU, bearing in mind the often misunderstood use requirement in the EU.  Particular attention was paid to the EUIPO’s seemingly unique approach requiring use be shown if one owns earlier registrations on which one is not relying in the subject proceedings in certain circumstances.

Key cases:

  • PATHFINDER (Case R 1785/2008-4 (OHIM Fourth Board of Appeal Nov. 15, 2011)
  • Kabelplus AG v. GROUPE CANAL+, SA & CANAL+ FRANCE, Société Anonyme à Directoire et Conseil de Surveillance, Case R 1260/2013-2 (OHIM Second Board of Appeal Feb. 13, 2014)

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2016 in review - case law from the UK Courts & EPO Boards of Appeal - Tuesday 31 January 2017

In this webinar, partners Avi Freeman and Jon Markham reviewed the important cases from the UK courts and the EPO Boards of Appeal in 2016.

Highlights from the UK Courts included:

  • the law relating to indirect infringement in Actavis v Eli Lilly
  • the interpretation of Swiss claims in the Lyrica series of judgments
  • the latest cases on construction, novelty and obviousness.

Highlights from the EPO Boards of Appeal included:

  • the latest decisions on poisonous divisionals, inventive step and EPO procedure.

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