Our Services

We provide a full range of services relating to inventions, patent applications and patents, including:

Prior to patenting

Undertaking invention harvesting exercises:

  • Discussing ongoing projects with engineers and scientists to identify and evaluate potential inventions;

Undertaking or organising searches:

  • To establish if an invention is new, or to investigate if there is freedom to use an invention without infringing the patents of others;

Advising on the results of searches;
Advising as to the patentability of a new invention.

Patent applications

Drafting patent applications;
Filing and prosecuting patent applications in the UKIPO, EPO, or WIPO;
With the cooperation of foreign attorneys, filing and prosecuting applications abroad.


Validating European patents in chosen designated countries;
Advising as to the validity and infringement of patents;
Attending to the renewal of patents worldwide;
Dealing with working requirements.

Commercial and general

Assigning and licensing applications, patents and inventions:

  • Including advising on the IP aspects of a proposed agreement and attending to the registration of transactions and transfers worldwide;

Advising as to patent entitlement;
Setting up watches to investigate the patent activities of others;
Advising and developing patenting strategies, including assisting with budgeting;
Managing patent portfolios;
Undertaking due diligence investigations:

  • For example, identifying the patents and applications amongst assets included in a transaction, checking their status and their ownership, and where required investigating the validity of the patents and applications;

Undertaking IP Audits:

  • This includes identifying all of the existing IP of a business, establishing the ownership of the IP, and identifying any necessary or recommended steps to further safeguard the identified rights.  Government funding of up to £3000 is available to UK businesses wishing to have an audit undertaken.

Acting in validity and infringement disputes whether at a Patent Office or in the courts;
Acting in opposition and appeal proceedings at the EPO;
Acting in proceedings at UKIPO to request opinions;
Acting in patent entitlement disputes;
Preparing and filing third party submissions;
Managing litigation in a number of countries.